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This page is for links to other Martial Arts related sites. If you wish to have a link to your site on this page just e-mail the link to us, via the Contact us link and we'll almost certainly include it.

For Complementary and Alternative Medicine related links please click here.

Middlesex University main academic site - For those of you who find this site but really want the Middlesex University site

Xing-Yi Academy - The Web site of Paul Andrews, a skilled and dedicated Xing-Yi practitioner and instructor. The site focuses on real Xing-Yi Chuan from the Gou Yun-Shen lineage.

BCCMA - British Council for Chinese Martial Arts - Established 1973, received Sports Council approval in 1980, The B.C.C.M.A. is the only official UK governing body for Chinese Martial Arts recognised by the Sports Council.

Tai Chi Finder - A free, UK and Ireland, resource currently listing over 300 Tai Chi classes and Tai Chi events. The site also hosts articles about Tai Chi and related subjects. An excellent facility, well worth a look.

The Lam Association web site - Sifu Rand's teacher, Master Lam Kam Chuen's official web site.

Zhan Zhong Chi Kung - A multi lingual site based in Germany which has information on Zhan Zhong Chi Kung and Master Lam.

Da Deng Chuan (I Chuan) - A site dedicated to this little known (in the west) style of internal boxing which is based on Zhan Zhong Chi Kung and Hsing-I Chuan. - A web site run by level 2 instructor Graham Barlow for his Bath classes. A very nice site full of interesting information and useful links.

Yongquan West Yorkshire - A site run by a student of Sifu Damon Smith, a man with prodigious martial arts knowledge and a student of Hsing-I and other styles. Damon studies regularly with his teachers and has studied in China with some of the greats, so this site contains some first hand knowledge.

Trowbridge Tai Chi Chuan and Choy Lee Fut - The Google site of Paul Bowman, YMAA instructor, tuition in Tai Chi Chuan and Buck Sing Choy Lee Fut.

School of Wing Chung Kuen - The School Of Wing Chun Kuen teaches traditional Yip Man style Wing Chun Kuen and is situated at the heart of Birmingham's city centre. Classes are run on a 'closed-door' private basis and are small in number in order to communicate the knowledge effectively.

The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain - The name speaks for itself, a coordinating body for Tai Chi Chuan groups in the UK. Has a useful Instructor list.

Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association - Zhong Ding (Jong ding) was established in 1987 by its Chief Instructor, Nigel Sutton, at the request of his teacher Tan Ching Nee, to promote and research Tai Chi Chuan. The Association runs classes throughout the year in many locations throughout the UK.

World Chin Woo Federation (U.S.A. branch) - Sifu Jimmy K. Wong. Sifu Wong is the President of the U.S.A. branch of the World Chin Woo Federation, President of the Southwest branch of the U.S.A. Wushu-Kung Fu Federation, President of the U.S.A. Wu (Hao) style Tai Chi Association and holds a host of other titles, too many to mention here. We met Sifu Wong at the 1998 Internal Arts Championships (held in Newcastle GB) and found him to be a very down to earth and knowledgeable man.

Double Dragon Alliance - An organisation set up by Rose Oliver in memory of the late Rey Nelson, dedicated to spreding Chinese culture and teaching Chinese martial arts to those who wish to understand them. Rose has lived in Shanghai since 2000 and has developed a network of modern Chinese masters, including some of the most prestigeous names of this generation.

Practical Tai Chi Chuan International (Wudang Tai Chi Chuan) - Wudang Tai Chi Chuan is run in the UK by Sifu Dan Docherty, who is a student of master Cheng Tin-Hung. The group has many teachers in the UK and throughout Europe. Dan Docherty is the Tai Chi brother of Sifu Ian Cameron.

Easy Tai Chi - A branch of the John Ding Academy of Tai Chi Chuan.

Devon Tai Chi - Part of the Wu Kung Federation, this school is run by Mathew Rochford.

Martial Arm - A major martial arts directory for all kinds of martial arts. Oh yeah and they sell some useful looking boxing dummies too.

The official Yang family web site - What can I say? Home of the Yang family on the web.

Sifu Wong Kiew Kit - is a fourth generation successor of the Venerable Jiang Nan of the southern Shaolin Monastery. He is a renowned Grandmaster of Shaolin Wahnam (Chi Kung) and Kung Fu.

Shifu Keith Ewers - Lee style practitioner and student of Ji Juan Cheng. Keith teaches in Wales and also practices Tuina/Anmo (Chinese Massage) at Abergavenny Complementary Medicine Centre.

Sifu Julian Dale - A student of Master Gini Lau, Eagle Claw and Tai Chi Chuan. An unusual mix of hard and soft styles.

An interesting web site created by Daniel Poon - tells the story of the year he spent staying and training in the Chen village in China. It's written in a down-to-earth sort of way, and has got some nice photos too. There are some interesting stories about what life is like in the Chen village and about which forms they train, etc...

Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan - A site dedicated to to Wu family Tai Chi Chuan, what it's like, where to learn and a useful historical and technical reference on the Wu style.

The Helsinki Baji society - a sparse but interestning site on this rare martial art.

Baji video and book list - some links to Baji material on-line





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